Home Addition Contractor in Schenectady, NY

Every situation is different, and there are limitless options to choose from when deciding on your new Home Addition. For a complete understanding of what goes into this process, we encourage you to visit our main page for New Home Additions.  So rather than listing all the intricate details here, we are just going to show you some beautiful pictures with a brief explanation of the work done for this new home addition we did in Schenectady.

We now will walk you through this new home addition featuring an inground pool.

Schenectady home addition contractor

New Home Addition in Schenectady, NY

The above picture says it all.  This new indoor pool was a perfect Home Addition for your Schenectady neighbor.

Below is a closer view with Accessibility Features.  The pool is seven feet at the deepest end and three feet at the shallow end.

Schenectady home addition with accessible pool

Home Addition with accessible pool in Schenectady, NY

The next set of pictures shows the home addition with the pool cover and electronic retractable pool cover feature.

Schenectady home addition with pool cover

Home Addition with pool cover

Schenectady home addition with electronic retractable pool cover

Electronic Retractable pool cover

Now we zoom into some fine details such as the Ceramic Tile on a 1/3 pattern with a beveled edge.

Schenectady home addition with pool tile

Pool Addition with ceramic tile

We connected the Living Room and Deck to the New Home Addition.  The living room had an extension added leading to the pool.

Schenectady home addition connects to living room and deck

Home Addition connected to living room and deck

Schenectady home addition living room extension leading to pool

Living Room Extension leading to pool

Razzano Homes pays attention to every little detail for your New Addition job.  In the next pictures, we show the Bathroom Remodel we created off from the pool addition.  The bathroom remodel features a curbless shower making it an ADA Compliant Bathroom.  We show a few different angles to include the shower bench too.

Sink for Schenectady bathroom remodeling new addition

Bathroom Remodel for New Addition

Schenectady bathroom remodeling shower bench

Bathroom Remodel for with shower bench

Sink for Schenectady bathroom remodeling shower

Bathroom Remodel shower with accessibility

Razzano Homes would love to just show the beauty portions of its New Home Additions and Remodeling jobs.  However, there are details that are many times hidden.  In the next set of pictures we show the heating and filter mechanics, and that too we set up to be functional and clean looking.

Pool Heater and Filter

Pool Heater and Filter

Pool Filter and Heater

Alternative view of Pool Filter and Heater

Piping for Pool Filter and Heater

Piping for Pool Filter and Heater

We invite you to contact Razzano Homes & Remodelers with any questions you may have about New Home Additions or Bathroom Remodeling too, and we look forward to potentially working with you.