What Is Involved in a Whole House Remodel?

Every situation is different, and there are limitless options to choose from when renovating your home. For a complete understanding of what goes into this complex job, we encourage you to visit our main page for Home Renovation Contracting Page. So rather than listing all the intricate details here, we are just going to show you some beautiful pictures with a brief explanation of the work.

What better way to step through this entire house than by starting with this Luxury Floating Staircase. Listen to how happy the homeowner is too with the entire project including the staircase, along with a visual walkthrough.

Voorheesville Home Remodeling Luxury Floating Staircase

Luxury Floating Staircase

As you look past the staircase, you are introduced to a beautiful modern Kitchen Remodeling upgrade. The kitchen is so spacious with a very eloquent mix of bright and dark colors. The Kitchen Island has all the space and modern appliances that provide for entertaining and cooking for a larger gathering.

Modern Kitchen Remodel in Voorheesville

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Modern Kitchen Island Remodel

Modern Kitchen Island Remodel

Modern Kitchen Island Remodel with Oven

Kitchen Island with Oven

And speaking of a larger gathering, just look how cozy and spacious the Living Room Remodeling provides.

Home Renovations with Modern Living Room

Spacious Modern Living Room

So now we will go up these beautiful Maple Stairs to visit the sleeping area of the house.

Home Renovations with Luxury Maple Stairs

Maple Stairs

What a wonderful way to go to sleep and wake up each day in this luxurious modern master bedroom remodel. This is followed by going into a classy contemporary bathroom remodel. And even the walk in closet has such a modern appeal with plenty of storage space too.

Bedroom Remodeling Contractor

Luxurious Modern Master Bedroom

Contemporary Master Bathroom Remodel in Voorheesville

Contemporary Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom Remodel Walk In Closet

Walk-in Closet in Master Bedroom

The same modern style was carried through even to the children’s bedroom remodeling.

Children Bedroom Remodel

Children Bedroom Remodel has Same Modern Style

Every detail was covered in this complete home renovation including the Bathroom Remodeling as seen in this Guest Bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling for Guest

Guest Bathroom Remodel

In addition to the Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling and Bedroom Remodeling were an abundance of other modern renovations such as this Ultra Modern Den Sitting Area.

Renovation for Den Sitting Area

Ultra Modern Den Sitting Area

While Window Replacements is another service we provide, in this following picture is a pretty capture of the windows on the 2nd floor that have Electric Shades installed.

Window Replacements with Electric Shades

Window Replacements have Electric Shades

And even the original picture of the staircase had some extra fine details to mention. Notice here the Luxurious Stainless Cable Handrail.

Home Renovation with Staircase Cable for Handrail

Stainless Cable Handrail for Staircase

And while this is all part of a complete home renovation, we still have so much more for you to see and get ideas with. So check out many more pictures in our Kitchen Remodeling Portfolio, Bathroom Remodeling Portfolio, Decks & Patio Portfolio, and so much more from our Renovations Portfolio with all our listed categories.

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Our Invitation to You

Over the past decade, Dan Razzano and his team of professional remodeling contractors have helped so many homeowners throughout Voorheesville and the surrounding areas transform their homes. We truly enjoy the unique aspects of each project and the different preferences that our clients value. From any individual service to full renovations, our design and remodeling teams will create a home you will be proud of for years to come.

We invite you to contact Razzano Homes & Remodelers with any questions you may have about updating or transforming your home, and we look forward to potentially working with you.