Kelly M, Delmar

“Let me start by saying that Dan Razzano is a very patient man! Originally, I was interested in expanding over the garage in order to transform a small kids’ bathroom into a much larger, two room bathroom, and add a large walk-in closet off an existing bedroom. Dan must have met with me five times to discuss in detail how this could be done. Long story short, I decided that this was something I no longer wanted to do, as we literally had to raise the roof in order to gain enough head room. When I called Dan to tell him that I had, after five meetings, changed my mind, he could not have been nicer or more understanding. We brainstormed, and came up with a new floor plan, moving only interior walls! This enabled us to add an additional bathroom, remodel the existing bathroom, and give all three kids very large reach in closets. Bedroom doors had to be moved, a linen closet was moved, and our new bathroom has a beautiful 3’ x 5’ tiled shower with a window. Dan’s crew, including Chad and Ray were amazing! Their craftsmanship was flawless. They listened to my ideas, and offered changes that I never would have thought of on my own. At the end of each day they left the job site spotless. I would highly recommend Razzano Homes & Remodelers for your next project!”