Remodeling Your Home Versus Buying a New Home

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When it comes to the decision of staying in your existing home that you are currently outgrowing, versus moving into a bigger home, the statistics have identified that most homeowners have decided to stick it out, and grow within their existing home. This decision to renovate your home is purely considered due to economic insecurities. Not only would it be more of a risk to move into a different school district or brave cultural changes, but the cost of moving is simply much higher than going through any home renovation or home addition.

Instead of buying and trading up, remodeling has become a cost effective way to expand and grow within your home. It’s no longer just a means to add value to the home for reselling either. Studies show that most people are renovating for pure style, creativity and space within their home. Adding and creating lavish items such as wine cellars, equipped with kitchenettes, bars, poker tables and more. At this time, buying for just value alone, and then turning around and selling the home for profit, is not even in the question or market. Most homeowners are in it for the long haul, and demand curb appeal and comfort for the life of their home.

So as your family grows, let Razzano Homes and Remodelers, Inc. grow with your home needs. From childhood years to the elder years, we want to be your number one choice in home remodeling.

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