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Marble – a classic look that lasts a lifetime.

The luxurious look and feel of marble countertops is an excellent accompaniment in many homeowners’ kitchens. Especially for those who frequently bake or cook, the cool and smooth surface is perfect for a baking center or pullout slab. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone exposed to high temperatures.


  • Ages Gracefully – Over time, etching, blemishes, and wear become part of the stone, contributing to your countertop’s charm and natural appeal. Most homeowners cherish the mild imperfections marble slabs gain over time.
  • Cost-Effective – Marble countertops are reasonably priced. Carrara marble is one of the more economical options although it comes from Carrara, Italy. It is a grayer variety with softer veins. Calacatta marble has a whiter surface with more dramatic veining and is slightly more costly but still affordable.
  • Easy-to-Clean – A daily wash with a soft cloth and warm water, and a periodic resealing are all that’s needed to keep marble looking new, although cleaning products specific to marble are available if desired.
  • Elegant Appearance – Marble slabs offer a seamless, bright look with a gleaming surface that complements many different design styles. A honed finish is achieved by sanding the surface, resulting in a matte quality, which won’t show scratches as much, but requires sealing to prevent stains. Another option is a polished finish, which won’t stain as easily but can scratch and etch. The glossy finish is shiny and bright but will wear down over time.


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