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What Every Homeowner Ought to Know When Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor

Home remodelers don’t have the best reputation. There are countless stories about the dirty footprints on the new carpet, the mess that never got cleaned up, or the remodeler that left you waiting all day and never showed up.

Even worse are the stories about remodelers who did substandard work, quoted a low price then found ways to charge more at every step, walked off in the middle of a project, or even remodelers that took a customer’s deposit and then disappeared.

That’s why I wrote this booklet. I want you to avoid the headaches, heartaches and nightmares that some homeowners have endured.

This e-booklet is available to you at no cost and no obligation. I promise you’ll learn a lot about how to make your remodeling experience painless and trouble free.

If you are planning to expand your living space, want to change the layout and livability of your home, renovate your kitchen, a bathroom, master bedroom, basement, or add an outdoor living space, be ‘in the know’ before choosing the remodeler you will work with.

Dan Razzano
Owner, Razzano Homes and Remodelers, Inc.

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